About Us

Water Energy Innovations, Inc. was established in 2012 to advance knowledge and understanding of the nation’s water-energy nexus.  Through a diverse portfolio of activities, the firm is developing and implementing cross-cutting policies, programs, practices and tools that can attain the substantial resource, economic and environmental benefits that lie at the intersection of water, energy and the environment.

New policy and market frameworks will be needed to support joint planning and management of water and energy resources that have heretofore been separately managed.  To assure cost-effective deployment of limited public and ratepayer investments, one of the firm’s core strategies is to maximize “leverage” – of resources, relationships, and complementary initiatives.

Achieving meaningful and enduring change requires proactively engaging the participation of all of the key stakeholders that have a significant role in implementation.  To this end, Water Energy Innovations is working with policymakers, regulators, water and wastewater agencies, energy utilities, industry associations, research organizations, non governmental organizations, and a wide variety of other market participants throughout the U.S. to develop and promulgate a new body of leading best practices for comprehensive, integrated planning and management of water and energy.

Small Business Certifications:
  • Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise [WMBE, VON 12100141], Supplier Clearinghouse
  • Small Business Enterprise [Supplier #1749739], California Department of General Services
  • Qualified Supplier Education and Economic Development [SEED] Contractor, Sacramento Municipal Utility District


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