Syzergy U Launches at Southern California Edison’s 21st Annual Water Conference


Reinhard Sturm, Water Systems Optimization, conducted training on Drought Mitigation through Water Loss Control



Syzergy U launched on September 10th, 2014, providing 625 continuing education contact hour units (CEUs) for 127 water and energy technicians and professionals at Southern California Edison’s (SCE) 21st Annual Water Conference in Irwindale, CA. These contact hour courses were authorized by the State Water Resources Control Board as qualifying continuing education for the state’s 20,000 certified water distribution operators. SCE sponsored this training free of charge as a service for its water utility customers.

Four workshops about drought mitigation were conducted by water experts Michael Bodart, Director of Engineering at General Pump Co. and Reinhard Sturm, Chief Operating Officer at Water Systems Optimization.

  • Michael Bodart presented two workshops about techniques for maximizing the output of groundwater wells and reducing the risk of damage to wells and pumps when water levels drop.

These workshops provided an opportunity for water-energy technicians and professionals to learn about strategies for mitigating the effects of California’s drought within an engaging setting that allowed interactive discussions with like-minded industry professionals.

Thanks to SCE for sponsoring this important and timely training!  And special thanks to Beth Heffernan and her team at SCE’s Energy Education Center for the hard work that they do every day to support these types of educational events!!


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