Integrated Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed Generation (DG)

Electric generation that is interconnected to the electric distribution system (rather than the bulk transmission grid), whether on the utility side or on the customer side of the meter.  [Source: The Potential Benefits of Distributed Generation and Rate-Related Issues That May Impede Their Expansion, U.S. Department of Energy, February 2007, p.xvi] “

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Demand Response (DR)

Reduction of electricity usage by customers within a given time period, or shifting that usage to another time period in response to a price signal, a financial incentive, an environmental condition, or a reliability signal.  [Source: CPUC website:]

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Base Load Capacity (Electric)

Power generation capacity used to serve an essentially constant level of customer demand. Baseload generating units typically operate whenever they are available, and they generally have a capacity factor that is above 60%. Base Load Capacity is often served by nuclear, coal or efficient combined cycle power plants.  [Source: The Potential Benefits of Distributed Generation and

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