Water Sector Over-Generation Mitigation and Flexible Demand Response

In support of a CPUC-directed regulatory pilot, this white paper examined opportunities for California’s water sector to provide electric reliability support using pumps and storage…

Water Sector Over-Generation Phase 2 Program Recommendations

Phase 2 of the Over-generation Pilot conducted case studies to inform program design recommendations.

Implementation of the CPUC’s Water-Energy Calculator

This white paper mapped data and processes in the CPUC’s Water-Energy Calculator to specific language in the State’s water-energy nexus rulemaking to determine the changes…

Natural Gas Intensity of Water

This study about the natural gas intensity of water was conducted pursuant to a CPUC regulatory proceeding requiring determination of need for a separate calculator…

SCE-IRWD Water-Energy Pilot Phase 1 Report

This innovative water-energy partnership evaluated Irvine Ranch Water District’s historical, current, and future electric uses to identify opportunities for water sector electric reliability projects. From…

California’s Water-Energy-Climate Nexus

Linkages among water, energy, and GHG emissions were documented in support of establishing a single registry for water sector energy and GHG emissions data. State…

The Role of Natural Gas In California’s Water-Energy Nexus

This study explored water sector usage of natural gas, especially with respect to pumping, and the important role of dual fuel pumps.

California’s Water-Energy Nexus: Pathways to Implementation

This white paper written on behalf of the Governor’s Water-Energy Climate Action Team and the Association of California Water Agencies identified high priority water-energy opportunities…

Embedded Energy in Water: Statewide and Regional Water-Energy Relationship

The first of two CPUC studies focused on understanding energy use by the State’s large inter-basin systems.

Embedded Energy in Water: Water Agency & Function Component Study

The second of two CPUC studies documented the energy intensity of retail water and wastewater resources, systems, and facilities.

The Role of Recycled Water In Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Accelerated adoption of recycled water can significantly reduce potable water and energy use, and reduce GHG emissions.

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