Water Loss Control

Project Description

CPUC regulatory pilot projects documenting the amount of energy that could be saved by reducing leaks in California water syste

Scope of Work

  • Conducted leak detection for participating water utilities
  • Computed the energy intensity of seed water
  • Estimated energy saved through water loss control
  • Evaluated efficacy of acoustic leak detection vs. other technologies
  • Estimated cost of repairing leaks vs. cost of energy saved

Key Deliverables

  • Energy Intensity of Water
  • Water Loss Control Program Benchmarks
  • Water Utility Case Studies
  • Energy Savings Attributable to Saved Water
  • Website Documenting Best Practices


San Diego Gas & Electric Southern California Edison Southern California Gas

Start Date:

June 2013

End Date

December 2015

Project Team

• Water Energy Innovations
• Water Systems Optimization
• RMS Energy Consulting


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